Hendrick Hamel Foundation

The Hendrick Hamel Foundation is a private initiative from Gorcum. The Foundation aims to realize the Hamel house on the actual site of Hendrick Hamel's birth, in close cooperation with the municipality of Gorinchem, culture funds and (inter)national partners. Using the Hamel house we wish to raise awareness of the historic seafarer Hamel and the relationship between the Netherlands and Korea.

In Korea Hamel is a symbol of courage, perseverance and enterprise. Hamel is a phenomenon and allows us to draw on those qualities.

• P. (Piet) IJssels, chairman
• J. (Jacques) Snep, secretary
• D. (Dick) van Zanten, treasurer
• R. (Roel) den Braven
• T.H. (Jeroen) van Rosmalen
• E. (Evert) van Sprakelaar

Contact information:
Hendrick Hamel Foundation
Kortendijk 67
4201 KS  Gorinchem

Tel +31 (0)183 - 200 100 / (0031) 6 105 569 75
Mail info@hamelhuis.nl

IBAN: NL28RABO0301930287
Chamber of Commerce: 11061818